About Me

My name is Andy Gonzalez and I am 13 years old. This is project gnzlzmedia. My dream is to become a National Geographic Explorer, with this project I plan to create a platform where you can view my pictures & films, make appointments, and where I potentially would sell merchandise to help support this project. My plans for the near future are to learn more about film and photography so I can create my own company to create films and make high quality films for companies, or for myself. And as well to continue learning photography, talking to the right people and learn about business to expand my future company so I can have the worlds greatest film&photo company!! But for the time being, I plan to graduate middle and high school and continue my studies in college/university. My goal for that time is to take pictures for advertising, schools, concerts etc. Thank you for your time and to keep up with my life follow me on instagram @andygnzlz_08 thanks!!