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About Me

My name is Andy Gonzalez, I'm 14 years old and this is my story. Ever since I was little, media and making videos was always something that I was interested in. Like the thought of if a video or an idea did not yet exist, or for even the idea of making someone laugh was something that forever stuck with me and made me slowly truly understand the art of all of this. To start I first began making videos on my moms phone when I was only four years old. Just me all alone with a collection of videos of myself making tutorials, jokes and overall just recording for the fun of it and at the time it was nothing more than that. Me obsessing with something in every year of my life was normal for me, I always enjoyed being outside, playing sports and trying out new things. And everytime I would come out saying " i want to do this for the rest of my life!" and like the other obsessions I would slowly like something else later. In 2015 my brother helped me start up a real youtube channel named "AndyProductions". The channel had its run until 2018 before I fell in love with acting, and participated in four shows. And once again said that i wanted to be an actor when I grow up, When my last show finished covid hit the world, and slowly forced me to take a break on acting while everything gets better. While quarantine was happening I got my brothers old IPod, That led me to taking pictures wherever I went. It became my favorite thing to do, and only four months later my Dad bought me a starter camera and took my pictures to a new level of quality. Eventually got into Filmmaking as well. Making Short Films made me fall in love with directing and creating. Everything i've wanted to do and have done is life has been happening all at once. Like when I was little and created videos!(what I do now) And when I wanted to become an actor!!(now I act in my short films) and taking pictures at the same time is a dream come true. And it's only the beginning!

Instagram: andygnzlz999    YouTube: andygnzlz


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